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Diamond Sharp Automation Services

Do YOU Need a New WEB Site?

Happy with Your Current On-Line Presence?

Frustrated Getting Changes Done Quickly?

Need an Over-haul, New Look, More Modules?

Individuals and Businesses needing Technology Services and Support

If you are an Individual or a Business and need help managing your technology, implementing a project, or just to find out which technology or solution will best fit your Individual or Company needs, contact us.  We can help you find the right match for you or your Company to become most productive.

We are computer and software experts who have practical experience with the industry's rapidly changing technology. We use, recommend, install, and manage the latest products and services. We help Corporations and Individuals utilize the capabilities of the technology they own, and augment what they need.

"People no longer look for hardware and software; they look for solutions," said one long-time ICCA member. "Consultants are the glue that integrate technology and give the computer user the benefits of the technology they've purchased."

As an Independent Consultant Firm, we can objectively support the best computer hardware and/or software solutions in all areas of the computer industry, from hardware design to systems integration to employee training. With over 2 decades of experience in the computer field, and with extensive experience in full Project Life Cycle Management, we are confident we can help YOU! Contact us Today!


Completed WEB Site Changes for a New Client needing a more "Attention Getting" Front Page.

Completed Over-haul of Traffic Mill Hits!  Traffic Exchange's WEB Site which is receiving over 1.5 million hits a month.

Competed New Client upgrades which needed to interface with eBay.

Completed Over-haul of Shop Information Resources, LLC.'s. eBook Services  who needed a New  WEB Site which is receiving over thousands of hits a month.

Completed a New WEB Site, Creating A Tornado of Traffic!  utilizing a Simple Sleek 1 Page Resource..

Competed and Upgrade of Diamond Sharp Information with new On-Line Opportunities..

Completed Hosting a New WEB Site, WEB Submissions! eliminating previous crashes that the client experienced.

Completed Hosting a New WEB Site, utilizing a wide number of Doorway Pages to an affiliate Site.

Completed a year-long contract on a financial sales operations software roll-out project for Direct Capital Corporation, utilizing SalesLogix.

John A. Gosselin
P.O. Box 777
Londonderry, NH

Phone: 603.589.1891
Fax: 603.386.6465


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