Diamond Sharp - Mirror Sharp: The Revolution MADE in Germany




Fastest Blade on Ice

So far, very little has been improved in the optimization of the hollow grinding of ice skates in ice hockey and figure skating. With the patented Mirror Sharp polishing machine, we have started a revolution in grinding. The tread is polished to a mirror finish, making the tread extremely slippery. It can hardly be more convincing. See it for yourself and compare it with a conventional ice skate sharpening!

Skate polish after sharpening



Ice Hockey Player Benefits

Less effort

Longer gliding

Get more out of every step

Less loss of speed

Cut lasts longer

Ice Hockey Goalie Benefits

Less effort when pushing

Faster shuffle

More crease movement control

The Founders and Makers of Diamond Sharp

Carsten Brunet

Carsten Brunet

Ice Hockey Goalie & Tool Grinder

Markus Lausberg

Markus Lausberg

Ice Hockey Player & Mechanical Engineer

Due to the finer processing of the hollow section, players and goalkeepers have a saving in strength and fitness.

Thanks to better edge guidance, gliding on the ice is much more efficient and stronger than with a standard ice skate.

Strikers and defenders hardly lose any speed by turning from forward to backward! This means that the players lose less time and can react much more quickly to a transition situation.

The goalkeeper can carry out his T-Push much faster and more effectively, since the imprint and gliding property promises much more output with less input. So you are more agile in the goal area with little effort.

The cut lasts longer and can decide games by the condition saving! Accordingly, the legs do not acidify as quickly!

The high-gloss finish retains its properties until the edges are dull and beyond.

Every profile cut can be polished to a high gloss by the machine without affecting the cut.


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